About Us

Explore Rural Himalayas (ERH) is a tour organizing company offering extraordinary experience of Himalayan state – Uttarakhand and its unexplored culture, lifestyle, people and villages. ERH came into existence to offer world, new window to explore Himalayan states, especially Uttarakhand in India. Our tours include some unexplored and untapped destinations exclusively for our guests. As our guest, you will see and experience, changing lifestyle of local people as we proceed further to higher Himalayas. Starting from 500 mtrs of sub Himalayan ranges till 4000 mtrs high mountains. We will help and assist you in exploring the youngest mountain range of this Earth.

We work on two platforms including rural tourism and responsible tourism. Our tours and packages will include the following activities:

  • Visiting different Himalayan villages of Uttarakhand located at different altitudes.
  • Visit famous and centuries old Hindu temples and discover reason behind their establishment.
  • Explore special interest topics like geology, trekking, environmental problems and flora and fauna.
  • Use our guided tour for a quick trip around the Himalayas.
About Uttarakhand

Due to climatic variations and the range of natural terrain, Uttarakhand is blessed with an extremely wide variety of Flora and Fauna. The region can be divided into climatic zones, starting with Sub-tropical zone that includes terai jungle and the foothills up to altitude of 3936 ft/1200mtrs. Above this sub-tropical belt is the temperature zone, extending upto the tree line, and the change in flora between the two is quite dramatic. Above 5904 ft/1800m, the stately deodar makes its presence and is commonly seen up to 7872 ft./2400m. Above 7872 ft/2400m till 11,808ft/3600m, you see spruce, fir, cypress and some blue pine. With around 7500 species of plants, the western and central Himalayas are one of the richest regions of biodiversity in the world. Uttarakhand is also known as bird watcher’s paradise with over 230 species in the state.